Overview of Therapy Services

My practice focuses on individual therapy for adults with anxiety disorders and stress-related issues.  I utilize an interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach with a strong emphasis on self-compassion and acceptance.  

Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming, causing negative thoughts, feelings, and physiological sensations that feel uncontrollable and intolerable.  Many of my clients come to therapy because their anxiety is drawing energy away from the things they value and interfering in one or more areas of their life.  With collaboration and curiosity, we will explore your unique experience to understand the causes of your anxiety, and how best to approach treatment.  My professional training and experience are in evidence-based theories: Cognitive Behavioral TherapyExposure and Response Prevention, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  Incorporating these theories into a flexible, integrative approach allows me to find the right combination of techniques to meet your needs.

My work also emphasizes self-compassion.  Research shows that practicing deliberate self-compassion is an effective tool to manage anxiety.   In my professional experience, clients that learn to offer themselves kindness and acceptance are more able to step outside their comfort zones and therefore better equipped to overcome the fear and avoidance that fuel anxiety.  In our work together, we will develop tools to integrate self-compassion into your everyday life.

My hope is that therapy will empower you with a better understanding of yourself, provide you with a new skill set to manage and overcome your anxiety, and enable you to live a life you value. We'll always go at your pace, so you lead the way. If you’re ready to reach out, you can connect with me here.

Areas of Specialization

General Anxiety    Panic Attacks    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder    Social Anxiety    Stress Management Effective Self-Care Healthy Boundaries & Communication

Length and Frequency of Treatment

My practice is a mix of clients seeking short-term therapy focused on addressing a specific issue (ex: OCD, fear of driving over bridges, panic attacks, job change) as well as longer-term supportive therapy in which we address both acute stressors and ongoing issues impacting your life.

I meet with clients on a weekly basis in the beginning of treatment as I have found that this is the best way for me to gain an understanding of your needs and develop an effective treatment plan. The option to switch to every-other-week or monthly sessions depends on treatment progress, therapeutic goals, and availability.

If you are a former client, I welcome you to reach out to me if new issues have emerged in your life and you would like to re-enter therapy, or if you would simply like a “tune up” around issues that we have worked on previously. It is a privilege to be able to work with people at different points in their lives, witness growth, and find new ways to provide support.